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Covet Fashion MOD APK v22.05.23 (Unlimited Money)

Covet Fashion MOD APK v22.05.23 (Unlimited Money)
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Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game

Covet Fashion Mod APK is available for download on Android and iOS-based mobile devices, a very well-liked game in the fashion world. You can create your avatar in this game and then personalize it with branded apparel and other goods that can be bought at the game’s retail outlet. You have the opportunity to participate in fashion shows and other types of fashion contests with individuals from all around the globe. Based on the results of this competition, you will be able to pass judgment and decide who has the most excellent sense of fashion style.

Also, in desire fashion limitless cash and diamonds APK, you will be assigned a theme to adhere to, and you will be required to dress in a manner that is congruent with the subject. You can also serve as a judge with authority over all aspects of the tournament. You also have the opportunity to win monetary rewards, which you can use to purchase various in-game things and new clothes for your character. The visuals of the gameplay in Covet Fashion Hack APK are quite spectacular, demonstrating that players from all over the globe are battling against one another in real time.

You have an unlimited number of chances to win from Covet Fashion Mod APK, giving you a chance to go on free travels all over the globe and demonstrate your skills and sense of style. It is available on the Play Store.

Covet Fashion MOD APK Features

Put together the perfect ensemble.

This is a really interesting facet of the game that you play. You may create gorgeous works of art by first picking from a list of hundreds of lovely pieces, such as hairstyles, cosmetic kits, and accessories, and then putting those elements together. You may reap the benefits of the perks that come with organizing your clothes and applying your cosmetics when you do it yourself. Even if you have never used the product before, you are welcome to test out all of the options that are now accessible. These designs and pieces of apparel have the potential to make you seem great. This will also help in the overall success of the tournament.

Daily Rewards

The daily login bonus in Covet Fashion awards players 100 diamonds and 20 tickets. Having these items may take a long way if you’re a free player. You should still claim these prizes even if you don’t have time to play the game. While you are still on this page, be sure not to forget to collect any additional rewards you have won from completing primary tasks.

While discussing free things every day, another benefit that isn’t immediately obvious is called the Daily 500. It might seem that the Daily 500 is rather significant at first glance. Even if you are starting, you are welcome to participate since there are no rules about what you can or cannot wear. You don’t need to worry about coming out on top since this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will reward you with $500 just for participating. To win the cash prize of $500, you have to take part in the game and show up to the event wearing anything you choose.

Join Active fashion house

In Covet Fashion, the equivalent of a guild is known as a Fashion House. You will have the chance to collaborate with other players in the form of groups that may assist one another while playing the game. It’s also possible for members of the same family to lend items to one another to put together whole outfits. Runway Rallies are another event that Fashion Houses have the opportunity to take part in. This refers to contests in which home members are eligible to participate for rewards. Because of this, you need to become part of a successful family. It would be best if you weren’t afraid to try out different strategies until you discover one that will help you get farther in the game.

Shopping for New Clothes

I recommend to players—especially newcomers—that they just buy the items of clothes that are necessary for each mission. When you first begin the game, you are given $5,000, and you will need to manage it carefully to be successful.

I also suggest that you participate in competitions that would provide you with a large prize (at least at first) if you were to emerge victorious. When you participate in most challenges, you’ll be eligible for a monetary award (usually between $100 and $200, and the daily challenge will always give you $500); try not to spend more than you’ll receive back at the beginning of the game. If you wind up spending more money, the rewards you choose should be those you have a real interest in. It may not be worth your time to join the competition if, for instance, the prize is a dress that you don’t believe you’ll ever wear. It is important to remember that while clothes may be reused endlessly, once purchased, they cannot be resold, so choose your selections carefully!

Boost the amount of your bonus.

When you participate in an event or a challenge, the votes cast by the other participants will determine your final score. There are, however, two different methods that you might use to improve your score and increase the likelihood that you will emerge victorious from the challenge. Put on as many clothes as possible that are appropriate for the current season. You will gain a greater number of bonus points in proportion to the worth of the look you are sporting for the current season.

It is possible to get additional points by using products that are not only unworn but also borrowed. You will get more bonus points in proportion to the worth of your unworn products comparable to those sold during the current season. It is also possible to utilize unworn items to increase your bonus points even if you do not include them in your overall style.

Connect with your Facebook account

When you link your Facebook account to the game, you’ll be able to add any of your Facebook friends who are also participating in the activity as playable characters. It is important to keep this in mind since you will be able to collaborate to make further progress in the game. You can each lend one another the goods necessary to complete your respective costumes. Because you won’t have the money early on in the game to purchase many pieces, having friends you can borrow from may be of great assistance.

If you don’t want to use your own Facebook account or if you want to be a dedicated game player, you have the option of creating a new Facebook account that is used just for this purpose. Please create a new account and customize it to your liking. You may even use the game’s name as your last name if you want to clarify what the account is for to other people. You will be astounded by the number of other gamers engaging in the same behavior. In addition, you will quickly find out that hundreds of your Facebook friends are actively participating in the game. After a few days, you’ll have made so many new in-game friends that you’ll have a limitless supply of in-game items to borrow for your tasks!

Vote on who you think looks the best in it.

You have the opportunity to cast your vote for who you believe to be the most talented and exciting Covet Fashion designer in a variety of fashion categories. If other players like the look that you’ve created, they could give you a vote for the best costume. As a direct consequence of the voting mechanism, there was an increase in overall activity within the fashion community. You may be the Covet Fashion designer who gets the most requests.

Play with your family and friends

You may play this fashion game with your friends and family on Facebook once you have first invited them to join Facebook. When you accomplish what you set out to do, you can share your happiness with those people. Fashion shows allow female gamers to participate with their friends and colleagues.

Unlimited Money and Diamonds

If you wish to purchase premium tools with cash and diamonds, this mod version of Covet Fashion that gives you infinite cash and diamonds is a good choice for you to make. You may get a limitless amount of cash and jewels by using the Covet Fashion Mod APK. You may purchase more clothing and accessories with this money and Diamonds if you want.

Examine the most current fashions available.

You will have the chance to collaborate with prominent fashion firms like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, and Vince Camuto, among others. We’ve collaborated with another company to provide you with the newest and most innovative fashion and cosmetic products and designs. You can choose from one of 170 different brands to get the item that best suits your needs.


Therefore, it is time to put the finishing touches on the conservation. Therefore, be ready to take advantage of the boundless advantages that the Covet Fashion Mod APK offers, such as free shopping and an infinite supply of diamonds. You must remind your friends and followers on social media to read and share our blog content. If you play this game with all of your heart, you’ll be able to turn yourself into a professional makeup artist.


Q. Is the game offline or online?

The game may be played online. For this game to work properly, you will need to have a reliable internet connection.

Q. How to unlock everything on covet fashion?

Unlocking anything is not required at this time. Simply said, everything is accessible to you already, my darling.

Q. How can I include my friends in this competition so that we can beat them?

To begin, you will need to become friends with them on Facebook. When you add someone to that location, they will immediately become your buddies in the game.

Q. Is it possible to undo the look that I developed?

You are not able to alter your appearance. Opening a new profile under a different Facebook id is the technique to get other looks.

Covet Fashion MOD APK v22.05.23 (Unlimited Money)
Download Covet Fashion MOD APK v22.05.23 (Unlimited Money) 

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